Helping to improve the lives of young people and their families through genuine care, love and support.

We are proud to be the fastest growing children’s charity in East London, supporting over 100,000 families.

Born and bred in the community of Hackney, Michelle Dornelly, a Keep Fit instructor, Nursery Manager and a mother of four amazing children found herself constantly having to battle for her children to have the opportunities that they deserve in a community that lacked compassion for children of their demographics and development. One of her boys has ADHD, one has ASD, one has Sickle-cell and her only daughter battles with anxiety.

She had to fight for her kids to be able to have the same opportunities as others, whilst battling gang crime and ‘postcode wars’ and she knew she was not alone in this. She made it her mission to fight for other parents and their children by setting up a youth programme which she called Jumping Beans.

Caring for children and young people

Jumping Beans is now a renowned childcare service and youth programme working across Hackney.

Michelle set out to create an environment for children that is safe, nurturing and dedicated to learning that employs a great approach to discipline. To date, the Jumping Beans programme upholds the same values, as the programme continues to grow and improve.

The children are taught a multitude of important life skills; healthy living, exercise, writing, cookery alongside benefitting from regular mentorship. Activities include cooking, baking, arts & crafts, trips, boot camps, effective communication through discussions, encouraging helpfulness through volunteering and building meaningful friendships. All of this in a family centred, safe environment providing them with the ability to express themselves freely and with guidance.

Feeding our communities

As of December 2021, there are over 4.3million children in the UK living in poverty. Statistically, that is 9 pupils in every classroom of 30.

At Children with Voices, we stand against childhood poverty and believe;

  • No child or family should go hungry while there is surplus food available.
  • That every child deserves a happy and healthy upbringing and the right to eat a well-balanced meal.

In April 2020 we set up Community Food Hubs. Regular, weekly hubs for our neighbours, communities and families in need across Hackney and the surrounding areas to come and collect fresh, healthy food for free. No referrals or vouchers needed.

Our mission is to reach the most vulnerable members of our society and we have created strong partnerships with local businesses to provide families with food hampers & basic essentials in order to further support them with the rising costs of living.

In 2020, we registered as a charity (charity number – 1191018), obtained UK Government funding in recognition of the importance of our work, established clear governance and launched new partnerships.

In 2022 we hope to secure a permanent building so we can reach more people. You can help by clicking here.