Our courses help children become more responsible, respectful, and independent.

Showcasing creativity, responsibility, independence and compassion. Our Young Ambassadors are the example of the values we hold.

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Our Young Ambassadors program is all about young people! They are taught a multitude of important life skills; healthy living, exercise, writing, cookery, and benefit from a great amount of mentorship (including the opportunity to mentor our Jumping Beans!).

Activities provided at the centre include; cooking, baking, arts & crafts, trips, boot camps, effective communication through discussions, volunteering and building meaningful friendships.

All of this through a family centred, safe environment providing them with the ability to express themselves freely and with guidance. Our youth program is open to everyone and we ensure we particularly reach out to those young children from lower income families and SEN who struggle to have their voices heard.

A prime example of the quality of our services is one of our Young Ambassador members, Jah-Shantaye who has won the Gray Francis Young Achievement Awards, for her contributions to the community and strive for excellence.

Currently, our sessions run across two locations – Fawcett Community Hall and Pembury Community Centre between 11.30am and 4pm (some locations may start at 12pm and others finish at 3.30pm) We are also open during school holidays and Saturdays.

Aimed at 11-16 year olds, Young Ambassadors is a space for children to develop their confidence and their character.