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17th December 2022

URGENT: Donations Needed!

I am writing as the CEO of Children with voices & Community food hub (registered charity number: 1191018) to ask for your support for the Hackney Community food hub – Winter Elderly Christmas events.

The Hackney Community Food Hub was founded by Children with Voices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide regular food packages and other essential items to the elderly, the homeless and families in need. Since March, we have supported over 700 people per week, providing over 150,000 free meals with surplus food donated from supermarkets and local businesses. This Christmas, we want to go further.

We are hosting a series of Christmas events for our local communities, giving back to them in a time where they need it most. Millions of people in the UK face holiday hunger and with Christmas an already expensive time for many of our families we hope to provide some happiness at the end of a very difficult year.

As well as providing a hot meal and a place to connect with the community, we are planning to provide 50 gift hampers to our elderly who will be struggling with Heat or Eat, Cost of living crisis and loneness this winter.

These hampers will include donated essential food provisions for our elderly members and supplies from local supermarkets as well as volunteers helping to deliver the hampers.

We are looking for additional donations from local businesses to help us fill these hampers. Can you support us in any way?

1. Elderly Hamper

This year will be 1 of the most terrifying winters for so many of our elderly members especially the diverse community as it is becoming very difficult to provide them with the essential foods that they require to keep them fit and healthy.

There are certain types of Traditional foods that they require to maintain a well balance diet and healthy body as the foods are plant based & full of essentials vitamins and minerals.

This food is known as Ital food, this promotes a healthily mind, body & sprit, it’s free from chemicals which is beneficial for our elderly members especially during the cold winter months.

2. The Winter Packages

This will include the following items – woolly hats, socks, gloves and scarfs these items will help to reduce the cold that the elderly will have to go through this winter, they are used to the heat or eat situation & the cost of living will affect them more so this year. We want to be able to provide these essential items to help shield them from the cold.

3. Keeping the lights on and reducing the cost of electric

We are also approaching & asking for donations from candle shops and other organization that have battery powered lights to help reduce the cost of the gas and the electric that they will face as well as keeping them warm this winter.

Please get in touch if you can support us with the above in any way!

Our mission is to help create a world where underpriveleged children and families are given the same opportunities as others.


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