JUMPING BEANS – Easter Session – Thursday 6th April 2023
14th April 2023

This Easter break the Jumping Beans held their first session at Pembury Community Centre. The little beans came into Easter colouring worksheets and connecting the dotted lines of Easter Eggs. Once everyone was settled, we all came together to discover the story behind Easter.

On tables were cut out storyboards of The Easter Story about Jesus’ Resurrection. We worked in teams of two to order the parts in the correct order while listening to the story narrated from the video. We learnt how Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, eating with his twelve disciples, being betrayed by Judas, dying on the cross and being risen to heaven by an angel. There were some children who knew the story better than others and took the time to explain to others and help them sort out the cards and stick them down.

Once everyone cleared the sheets of paper to the centre of the table, we sat down to snacks. We had bagels stuffed with either turkey, beef, ham, cheese or butter along extra fillings like salad and coleslaw. We munched on our sandwich bagels and bags of crisps and drank from cups of Tango.

The next activity was ready. Easter Egg Surprise! Everyone was partnered up and a had a bowl in front of them. We first crunch the cookies in the bowl with a wooden spoon and then scooped them into our plastic containers. Some added toppings in their crunched cookies like marshmallows, sprinkles, yogurt, strawberries, pineapple, banana and blueberries. The kids got their cup full of cheesecake mix and added it to their Easter Egg surprise and any toppings. Some made rabbit faces and others had a chocolate surprise with sprinkles on top.

Once everyone was finished with their delicious treat, we all went outside for an Easter Egg Hunt. There were twenty-six eggs to find including six golden eggs hidden in the bushes, trees and corners of the nearby playground. Everyone went searching. Some found a few and other found more. One young jumping bean found THREE GOLDEN easter eggs. He’d have to wait till we got back to see what was inside. Many found little easter eggs tucked inside the ones they found. Others found notes asking them to find something or think about a time.

It was a long day but a good one. We Wish Everyone a Wonderful Easter Break!