Improving the lives of young people and families.

At Children with Voices, we believe, any child that reaches out a hand for help, becomes a child of ours to support.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of young people by supporting their personal development through our youth programme and mentorship.

We also feed the families of those from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them with bags of fresh, healthy food. Our Community Food Hubs are a person-centred service so that with us, you are not just another number, you are our community, and our family.

We are the community we represent, sharing the same experiences as the people we serve.

Our Mission

The key to our vision and mission, backed by our founder Michelle Dornelly, is to help create a world where underprivileged children and families are given the same opportunities as others.

With this comes a strong message of inclusivity and a sturdy belief that help must be affordable and accessible to all children and families, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our sponsors